What is graphene

Graphene is a new carbon material with a tight accumulation of carbon atoms into a single layer of two-dimensional honeycomb, with a thickness of only 0.335 nm, only 20 1/10000 of the hair. As one of the thinnest, strongest and most conductive and conductive nanomaterials found at present, scientists have even predicted that graphene will "completely change twenty-first Century". Johnson graphene is the main direction of development and application of composite fiber, with graphene composite nylon short fiber, viscose short fiber, ultra high molecular weight fiber, nylon filament, polyester filament, and graphite, conductive fiber, flame retardant fiber and other special composite fibers.

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Security Products Glove, antivirus mask, bulletproof material...
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Air Purification & Water Purification Use of graphene filter material
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Graphene Fiber Graphene fiber used in textile industry
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Other Products owels, Toothbrushes, Mask...


QS group has QS security, QS photoelectric, QS graphene three enterprises. Among them: QS security has been established for 26 years, and is a leader in glove industry. We produce ten types and nearly 1000 kinds of security gloves, with an annual export scale of 500 million RMB. We have self selling companies in the United States, Europe and other major markets. We have TAEKI and other brands; QS optoelectronic production of amorphous silicon thin film components and crystalline silicon components,

component export sales and distributed photovoltaic power generation; QS graphene The factory has 100 tons of raw material, which has short process, high efficiency, good quality, low cost, green environmental protection and high single layer rate, and is in the leading position of the domestic and foreign counterparts. QS graphene is the main direction of development and application of composite fiber. At present, a variety of graphene fiber products have been produced and sold. The special composite fibers, such as graphene conductive fiber and flame retardant fiber, have completed process setting and small test production.

  • R & D departmen

    A powerful R & D team

    Our R & D team consists of 1 postdoctoral, 1 doctoral, 6 master, and 3 undergraduate students. So far, the team led the development of graphene in fiber, daily necessities, security supplies, water and air purification and many other applications, and has achieved remarkable achievements

  • Making industry standards

    Participate in the drafting of industry standards

    QS group participated in drafting 3 product standards in the graphene industry, and presided over 2 standards for graphene polyamide and graphene fiber.

  • Strong productive capacity

    500 million RMB year export scale

    QS GROUP has an annual output of 100 tons of raw materials factory, good product quality, high efficiency, green environmental protection, in the leading position of domestic and foreign counterparts.

  • Business coverage multi industry

    Firm type enterprise

    We have a number of well-known independent brands, such as TAEKI, Johnson optoelectronic can produce a variety of components, own export business of components, distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, is a robust enterprise