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QS group has QS security, QS photoelectric, QS graphene three enterprises. Among them: QS security has been established for 26 years, and is a leader in glove industry.

We produce ten types and nearly 1000 kinds of security gloves, with an annual export scale of 500 million RMB. We have self selling companies in the United States, Europe and other major markets. We have TAEKI and other brands; QS optoelectronic production of amorphous silicon thin film components and crystalline silicon components, component export sales and distributed photovoltaic power generation; QS graphene The factory has 100 tons of raw material, which has short process, high efficiency, good quality, low cost, green environmental protection and high single layer rate, and is in the leading position of the domestic and foreign counterparts. QS graphene is the main direction of development and application of composite fiber. At present, a variety of graphene fiber products have been produced and sold. The special composite fibers, such as graphene conductive fiber and flame retardant fiber, have completed process setting and small test production.

After testing by third authorities, QS kyorene graphene composite fiber has strong antibacterial and mite function, and has the functions of far infrared fever, anti ultraviolet, heat resistance, antistatic and so on. The application range is wide, the market repercussions are warm, and the prospect of development is optimistic.

QS security was founded in 1993. Over the past 20 years, it has been committed to technological innovation and product development, making Johnson a more complete glove manufacturing enterprise. At present, there are more than 1000 kinds of more than 1000 varieties, impregnated gloves, NBR impregnated gloves, latex impregnated gloves, PVC impregnated gloves, water PU gloves, grinding glove, mechanical gloves, glove, cloth gloves and leather gloves.

In recent years, the company has developed and expanded the Johnson independent brand TAEKI anti cutting gloves, developed MIIZU environmental water PU gloves with Bayer, developed a chemical and environment-friendly PVC glove with BASF, and developed a high-performance anti cutting glove in cooperation with DSM. It has become the strongest in R & D ability and extensive international cooperation in the industry. Leading enterprises.

To ensure that every pair of gloves provided to the customer is a high quality product, the company has built an advanced automatic multifunction glove impregnating line; the roof of the company has a solar power system installed on the roof of the factory, and all the electric power from the glove comes from solar power; the company has strictly screened every supplier of raw materials. The raw materials purchased in the factory were inspected and tested, and the quality of the raw materials was stable. In the production, the product quality reached the first class level, and the product quality reached the first class level. The company had passed the ISO9001 and 14000 certification of the British BSI in 2000. The factory adopts 5S management and checks and checks every batch of manufactured products according to AQL.

QS security as a first-line safety glove manufacturer, high quality glove products won the world's large importers, wholesalers, and nearly 200 glove importers have established a long-term cooperative relationship with customers to create a win-win cooperation platform. Our aim: innovation makes QS safety gloves safer.