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  • Security Products

    On the basis of QS KYORENE graphene materials, we have developed nearly a thousand security products, including gloves, respirators and masks, non woven fabrics that inhibit viruses and bacteria, and insoles, bulletproof backpacks and so on.

  • Air Purification & Water Purification

    QS group has developed air conditioning filter network, air purifier, water purifier, water dispenser and so on, which uses QS KYORENE graphene materials, and efficiently adsorb metal ions, chloride ions, chlorine ions, macromolecular organic compounds, etc., and the effective bactericidal effect of graphene can remove bacteria and viruses.

  • Graphene Fiber

    At present, QS group has developed 14 kinds of graphene fiber textile materials, of which 7 kinds of QS KYRONE graphene composite fibers are nylon (nylon), polyester, spandex, acrylic, polypropylene, vinylon and elastic polyester (PTT), and the other 7 kinds of graphene special composite fibers are graphene and cotton fiber, silk, high-strength high modulus polyethylene. Aramid, glass fiber, carbon fiber and PET recycled recycled fiber composites.

  • Other Products

    We have made use of the excellent properties of QS KYORENE graphene for its antibacterial, health, ultraviolet, electrical and flame retardancy, and developed a lot of products, such as towels, diapers, clothes, socks, toothbrushes, mask, lunch boxes, cups and so on, as well as oil bearing, LED lamp, umbrella cloth, dressing, conductive cloth and other products.